Five Reasons You Should Workout With a Friend

Trying to lose weight and stay fit is never easy. Even with all those workout videos you will see online with these very fit individuals making even the most unusual formations and workout schemes seem very simple, once you try it, you know it won’t be easy at all. You may have already signed up for gym membership or you’re trying other forms of exercises and that’s actually good. The only thing you have to watch out for now is consistency. You need to turn exercising into a habit in order for you to stay fit, healthy and even sculpted if that’s what you’re aiming for.

There are some people who prefer working out alone. They use these hours as their “alone time” and would even consider workout sessions their own relaxing moments. For others, they need a workout buddy. A workout buddy can be someone you’ve met in the gym or even a colleague or a long time friend. Whoever you choose to be your workout buddy, you will surely enjoy sessions more with a friend. In fact, here are 5 reasons that will prove that!

1. You will not get bored.

Especially if it has already become a routine and you’ve been doing the same workout sessions for weeks or months, things could get boring. Yes, you’re sweating it out and you’re keeping it busy at the gym, but there are dull moments for sure. However, if you workout with a friend, you know that you have someone to talk to, share music with, or have coffee or an energizing after workout meal with.

2. You will actually look forward to workout sessions.

Instead of dreading workout sessions and those days when you’re scheduled to go to the gym, when you’re working out with a friend, you might even look forward to these days. Especially if your workout buddy is someone who you don’t live with or work with, catching up while working out will be something to look forward to. You can meet up in the gym or you can even make your own small gym at home. You don’t necessarily need a lot of big workout gear. You also can get some dumbells, jump ropes and things like that. If you do have a little more space but still not a ballroom, you can decide to go for the best and most compact treadmill with manual incline, it gives you the opportunity to do a full workout at home.

3. Someone will be there to motivate you.

Having a workout buddy is one great way to motivate yourself. If you feel like you’re about to give up, someone will tell you that you can do it and you must not quit. Your friend will tell you that you’re actually looking better and doing better with each workout so now’s not the time to stop.

4. You can turn it into a friendly competition.

You can even turn workout sessions into a friendly competition when working out with a friend. It could be as simple as who can stay longest while on the treadmill on a specific speed and angle. Whoever wins most points by the end of the week will be treat the other a hearty meal on your cheat day.

5. You can monitor your progress together.

When you have a friend with you while working out, you can monitor your progress together. You’ll know whether your progress is actually normal or if you’re doing any good because you have someone to compare your measurements or results with.