5 of the Most Expensive, High-End Culinary Gadgets of 2017

Cooking and crockery tools have undergone a revolution – the likes that the world has never seen before. Since a lot of people spend their time cooking and creating dishes, it only makes sense that they would be willing to invest huge sums of money to acquire high-end cooking equipment. Whether you prefer, a high-end bread maker or the world’s most interactive microwave, kitchen gadgets are all the rage in this contemporary consumerist world. More consumers and kitchen connoisseurs are starting to invest in kitchen equipment not only for their physical appearance but also as a status symbol – especially given the advent of smart devices for the home and kitchen.

More and more manufacturers are stepping their game up to quench this demand for high-end, high quality appliances, from espresso machines that make the finest coffee in such a small package, to mini-processors for chopping small items, and to ovens that you can literally cook from remotely.

Let’s take a gander at some of the priciest kitchen gadgets out there in the market today – and maybe, just maybe…actually afford them!

1. The Skybar Wine Preservation & Serving System: $1,000

The Skybar Wine Preservation & Serving SystemThis product from Skybar was created to chill as many as three individual bottles of wine. You can use the device to chill any type of wine including white and rose. Once the wine is chill, you can enjoy your preferred pouring and the preserved bottles can last for as long as 10 days.

2. The Hammacher Juicer: $9,900

The Hammacher JuicerThis juicer is available for purchase for a little under ten thousand dollars. With this juicer, you can make the perfect glass of orange juice. The juice produced should rival the kind that is served in high-end restaurants. This machine can squeeze close to 30 oranges in a minute and it extracts approximately 90oz of orange juice. Aside from oranges, it can also be used on pomegranate or grapefruit.

3. The Victoria Arduino Venus Century Espresso Machine: $20,000

Victoria ArduinoCoffee has become a staple in today’s society. Judging by the large number of coffee shops located in every corner of our neighborhoods, coffee is not going anywhere anytime soon. This grand Arduino Venus Century espresso machine will cost you a whopping $20,000. Its technical capabilities and features are impressive. There are only 100 pieces of this machine available in the market, which only makes consumers desire it more.

4. The Meneghini Arredamenti Refrigerator: $41,000

The Meneghini Arredamenti RefrigeratorThis refrigerator is more like a piece of expensive furniture owing to its opulence and size. Its Italian design can accommodate a whole grocery store as it comes complete with a large ice compartment and a pantry.

5. The Sveid Custom-Made Corkscrew: $70,000

Sveid Custom-Made CorkscrewThis custom made corkscrew will set you back a cool $70,000. This corkscrew can be disassembled to more than 50 pieces and it is produced from the same kind of titanium used to construct airplanes. It is also valuable in eighteen karat platinum if your gadget collection is really over the top.

That’s just some of 2017’s stars in terms of cooking and kitchen appliances – did we miss something? Let us know in the comments section so we can take a look at them in the next edition!