Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Good Coffee Mug

Aside from water, coffee is probably one of the most widely consumed beverages around the world. There are coffee drinkers and there are passionate coffee drinkers who won’t stop looking for ways to make their cup of coffee the best one ever. While you can go to a coffee shop and order freshly brewed coffee, nothing beats enjoying a warm cup anytime you wish in the comfort of your home. Choosing the best coffee beans or powder is quite easy; you simply have to find one that would be perfect for your taste. However, not many realize that the mug they’re using can actually affect the taste and the entire coffee experience.

You can find cute mugs with your favorite quote or cartoon character printed on it or you can use the cups that come with your glassware set; but if you’re all about making the perfect cup of coffee, you may want to consider this guide in choosing the best coffee mug.

  1. Size Matters

    Especially if you’re someone who would drink coffee one after the other, a large mug would be appealing to you. However, it is important to remember that coffee is at its best when it’s warm. Unless you plan to consume your cup of coffee in just one big gulp, then you’ll probably end up having most of your drink cold in no time.

  2. With or Without a Lid

    A mug with a lid might just be effective in retaining heat and keeping dirt away from your coffee especially when you’re on the go, but it could also be a reason for you to “accidentally” burn your lips with an extremely hot drink. Furthermore, it prevents you from smelling the aroma of your drink which is also always a special part of your coffee experience.

  3. Handle or No Handle

    Handles on coffee mugs are nice only when you’re at home or in the office. It makes it easier to hold a hot cup but quite difficult to balance when you’re walking around; you may even end up with spilled coffee on your shirt.

  4. Material

    Porcelain, ceramic, plastic, stainless steel, glass, etc.—there’s quite a lot of mug material to choose from. Based on passionate coffee drinkers’ experiences, porcelain, plastic and stainless steel tend to retain the odor and sometimes even the taste of a beverage that’s previously been placed there. Unlike ceramic and glass, you can easily wash away without worries of flavor retention. In addition, ceramic and glass are also effective in prolonging the warm temperature of your coffee as compared to other ones.

Now it’s a matter of preparing the perfect coffee blend. While a nice coffee maker would be enough for many, an espresso machine has become one of the best decisions many coffee drinkers have made. With the help of some reviews and best picks, you’ll easily be able to find yourself the best coffee machine that suits your needs. With coffee that’s equally tasty or better than those in commercial cafés, you can definitely enjoy as many cups as you want anytime you wish.

For exceptional taste and perfect temperature for your warm coffee, place your mug on top of your espresso machine and let its boiler heat your cup. This way, your drink will still be perfectly warm as it is being transferred on to the cup. With these tips in mind, you can be your own barista and you never have to drink just a basic cup of coffee again!