Important Cooking Appliances Every Home Kitchen Should Have

A good kitchen should contain proper waste segregation, good layout and appliances necessary for the preparation of various meals. If you are wondering what these are, there are several appliances that you should seriously consider getting to make your kitchen experience satisfying and worthwhile.

Electric mixer

If you like to bake, having an electric mixer is a must. You can get either a hand mixer, for smaller and simpler mixing tasks, or a stand mixer, for frequent use on recipes with more amounts of ingredients. This tool can make mixing together eggs, whipped cream, and other ingredients much easier and faster. It is also able to create a smoother batter for your bread, cakes, and pastries.


A blender is a versatile kitchen appliance that can be used to make a wide array of foods. It’s very useful for those who like to loose weight; You can make all kinds of smoothies with vegetables and fruits. For instance you can make your own fresh and very healthy almond milk (by soaking almonds in water overnight and put them in the blender), powdered sugar (by blending regular sugar), salad dressing (by mixing and blending together vinegar, oil, garlic, and herbs), and juice (by blending your favorite fruits and vegetables with water). Find the best rated blenders today to enjoy all of these benefits!

Toaster oven

A toaster oven does more than just making toasted bread. It works like a miniature oven, with the ability to cook meat, pastries, and other foods, without occupying too much space and using up a lot of electricity. It can be used to prepare fish, beef, chicken, and pork dishes for main meals; make snacks, such as nachos, French fries, pizzas, and fish sticks; and bake bread and cookies.

Pressure cooker

An energy-efficient kitchen appliance, a pressure cooker has the ability to cook food much faster than other cooking techniques. It makes use of pressure created by boiling water or other types of liquid inside a sealed vessel to cook food. Some tasty recipes you can try with it are pot roast, barbecue pork, beef chili, chicken soup, mashed potatoes, lasagna, and beef stew.

Food processor

A food processor is quite similar to a blender in terms of functions. The difference between the two lies in their blades. The former’s blades can be detached, reattached, and interchanged, while the latter’s cannot as they are fixed.

Before using a food processor, you should know that there are different blades for different functions. There is one for chopping and slicing, one for pureeing, a different one for grating and shredding, another one for kneading dough and mixing, and another for grinding meat and fruits. With this kitchen appliance, you can make mayonnaise, nut butter, flour, sauces, soups, spreads, salsas, dips, ground meat, ice cream or soft serve, bread or cookie crumbs, and many more.